How to Make Cool Communities and Discord Servers: Literally Just Ban Bigots

Every community manager has an identical but differently designed version of this, which leads me to believe that they’re all coming to the exact same idea independently and making a chart for it, almost like it’s… common sense?
Your server should have a good and specific rule like this. Here’s mine, for reference.
Here’s a suspicious but otherwise innocuous message about a Pride logo that’d be easy to ignore. Don’t ignore it. Think about what they mean to imply about what the logo represents.
Attempts were made.
You have definitely seen this on Twitter before. Still good!
The best advice about managing online communities is typically better-sourced from real life.
Diagnosing the problem as people being too stupid to debate instead of people being too awful to be there is unfortunately common.
From a soc.motss meetup in 1987! Cool people.



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The Tax Collector Man

The Tax Collector Man

Writing self-indulgently about video games and what they’ve meant to me, or others, along the way.